Five simple drinks to try next time you’re out

Image: SnaPsi Сталкер

Are you sick of your usual?

Avoid um-ing and ah-ing and definitely don’t succumb to the notorious ‘surprise me’.

Instead, these five simple orders could contribute to a night you won’t forget (or if used effectively, forget).

1. Campari Cointreau

Image: Luca Vanzella
Image: Luca Vanzella

Bitter, floral Campari and the orange-based Cointreau complement each other’s charm. Add a hint of soda and a slice of orange to create this lively European gem.

  • Campari (1 shot)
  • Cointreau (1 shot)
  • Soda (splash)
  • Slice of Orange

2. Black and Tan

Image: Steven Guzzardi
Image: Steven Guzzardi

This old school classic is making a comeback. Despite the trend, many claim the combination of a hoppy, crisp ale/lager and creamy stout/porter, produces the perfect beer.

  • pale ale/lager (1/2 glass)
  • stout/porter (1/2 glass)

3. Dragonade

Image: Shea Huening
Image: Shea Huening

Introducing Cinnamon whisky: a throat tingling whisky-based delight. Add a little lemonade and a squeeze of lime to get a heavenly mix of spice, sweet and sour.

  • Fireball Cinnamon Whisky (1 shot)
  • Lemonade (generous dash)
  • Squeeze of Lime

4. Spiced Cider

Image: Lawrence OP
Image: Lawrence OP

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Try beefing up your cider with the ever-popular: spiced rum.

  • Apple Cider (glass)
  • Spiced Rum (1-2 shots depending on your eagerness)

5. Tempranillo

Image: Rioja 1808
Image: Rioja 1808

Deriving from Spain, this red wine variety is now being grown and made in Australia. Rapidly gaining popularity globally, its smoky, leathery cherry and tomato notes suit a range of foods.

  • Just a healthy glass of Tempranillo (or a bottle or two)

Serving suggestion: w/ tapas on a sunny afternoon.


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