Embracing your body clock: Should I go back to bed?

Image: Zach Zupancic
Image: Zach Zupancic

There’s nothing more tempting than waking up well before your alarm only to drop back on the pillow.

While hitting snooze and delaying your rise is a luxury, it’s a poison… beware.

Our bodies are typically efficient judges at recognising whether we have had enough shuteye, so if you find yourself awake surprisingly early, bounce out of bed and embrace it.

In fact as Gizmodo notes, going back to sleep transforms your body into a ‘chemical cocktail shaker’, whereby the influx of calming hormones tricks our bodies’ internal clocks into reverse.

This means that you’ll reawaken with symptoms reminiscent of a hangover: grumpy and drowsy, causing you to question what you really got up to last night.

Image: Marjan Lazarevski
Image: Marjan Lazarevski

So make the most of an early rise. It gives you a healthy head-start into ticking a few things off your daily agenda.

If you snooze, you really do lose.


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