The beauty of the Supermoon captured from around the world

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… It’s a supermoon!

The highly anticipated supermoon finally graced our skies and oh boy, was it truly spectacular.

People from all around the world grabbed their cameras and raced to capture the global spectacle.

From Kenya to Kazakhstan — here is a collection of our favourites.

Valencia, Spain | Image: Werner Wilmes

Stanley, Hong Kong | Image: Mark Lehmkuhler

AIDAprima and Supermoon Nov. 14th 2016 Composing
Hamburg, Germany | Image: Hendrik Hansen

Isla Vista, California, USA | Image: Glenn Beltz

Hobart, Australia | Image: Anthony Tong Lee

Expedition 50 Supermoon
Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan | Image: NASA

Supermoon - November 2016
Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA | Image: Michael Seeley

Super Moon | La Extra Superluna sobre Montevideo |
Montevideo, Uruguay | Image: Jimmy Baikovicius

San Francisco, California, USA | Image: Michael Paul

Diani Beach, Kenya | Image: The Sands Kenya

Moonrise over Washington
Washington, DC, USA | Image: US Department of State (IIP)


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