Children in crossfire: “Will I die, miss? Will I die?”

Six straight days of airstrikes from Syrian regime forces on eastern Aleppo is the most intense bombing since the conflict began five years ago.

Just the last few days of bombings have killed almost 300 people.

Local residents are describing the city of Aleppo as a ‘Holocaust’ — the most hurtful reality is that rebels are targeting hospitals and schools.

Will I die, miss? Will I die?

Among all the victims, death and destruction, these were the words of one young boy involved in a recent chemical attack in Aleppo.

In a video that surfaced online earlier this week, the boy trembles in pain and fear, as nurses try to reassure him that he won’t die.

Shaking, coughing and covered in a blue blanket with an oxygen mask strapped to his face — the boy tells his story.

It dropped something, I saw yellow smoke. I felt something and then they grabbed me [and took me] to the hospital.

He added that he’d lost track of his siblings in the attack.

Protesters in London, 2016 | Image: Alisdare Hickson

The video reminds us that children are a significant part of the devastation and sheer sadness of the conflict in Syria.

This is just one young boy among the thousands of children at risk, injured or dead.

Aleppo, Syria | Image: IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation 

Read more at CNN.


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