PHACTORY is an independent online publication, documenting fresh insights on global affairs and tips for those desiring the contemporary lifestyle.

Our content aspires to look beneath the surface of what may be considered the ‘norm’, to provide alternative, multifaceted perspectives within eight overarching realms.

Adelaide, Australia

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Founder: Kogo Fujiki-Mayo

Journalism/International Relations undergraduate, budding musician, fitness fanatic and bar manager

I annoy people with random epiphanies and now want to share them with the world. I am constantly on the look out for good music, tasty cocktails, an unbiased newspaper, a flawless international theory and good times.

The human mind is like an orange — you have to peel away some of the crap — to get to the good stuff.

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Why I founded PHACTORY

Kogo Fujiki-Mayo

In search of an online platform that was not only diverse and accurate with content, but also youthful, unfiltered and somewhat personal — I created PHACTORY — an independent blog, a medium for fresh ideas and perspectives.

I thought of the acronym on a busy bus ride through the inner-city suburbs of Sydney, where I was attempting to bring together all aspects of my life into a single dynamic media platform.

Image: Reuben Bedingfield

It recently came to me that traditional understandings of people’s lives are no longer reflective of today’s environment, and that the realistic contemporary lifestyle involves multiple needs, desires, commitments, and most significantly, financial outlets and jobs.

For example, let’s look at my typical regime.

By day, I go to the gym and workout — when I’m home, I write and record music — by night, I work in a bar until the early hours of the morning — and in-between… I study a journalism/international relations degree where my mind warps in global politics, and I interview experts, research data and continue to learn how to better develop my writing.

During the summer, I scratch around for any excuse to travel and discover more about the world.

Image: Nicki Mannix

On that bus ride, I had this gut feeling  — and still do — that I wasn’t the only person moving through life in this sort of way… I realised that people’s lives are turning into multi-dimensional timelines.

I imagined a media/news platform with something for everyone — or in some cases — everything for some.

My ultimate goal was never to create a personal blog about me — and it was only through meticulous thought that I constructed eight categories, which within readers could interact and objectively be informed, interested and entertained.

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Eventually I came up with PHACTORY  — politics, health, audio, concoctions, travel, opinion, research and youth.

Each category has the ability to shape different pieces of writing — yet still share overlapping ideas and connections.

In addition, the name PHACTORY fittingly alerts readers to expect factual and accurate content — but with contemporary twists, unique ideas and alternative perspectives.

While PHACTORY is still extremely fresh and building its foundations and outreach, our team of writers will only grow as we aspire to present raw and intelligent content across our diverse range of fields.

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