The Phix: Strawberry Moon

A spinoff of Death & Co‘s ‘Muddled Mission’, the Strawberry Moon is an energetic drink of pure elegance. The sharpness of London Dry Gin partners St-Germain, which has warm floral, lychee and pear notes; the cocktail is finished with a dash of sweet, spicy and herbal Chartreuse. Strawberry adds the colour and tart — egg white gives that creamy texture — while a squeeze of lemon provides the extra kick. Images (left to … Continue reading The Phix: Strawberry Moon

The Phix: Black Mai Tai

The Mai Tai is claimed to have been invented in the early 1940s at the restaurant, Trader Vic’s, in California — one afternoon, the owner, Victor J. Bergeron, created a little something for friends who were visiting from Tahiti. Upon tasting it they cried out “Maita’i roa ae!” (figuratively meaning ‘out of this world’). Add aged spiced rum to the traditional recipe of gold rum, orgeat syrup (made from almonds), … Continue reading The Phix: Black Mai Tai

The Phix: Watermelon & Mint Margarita

The history of the margarita remains murky — but earliest stories suggest it first appeared in Mexico during the late 1930s, as a shot of tequila, dash of triple sec and squeeze of half a lime. This tropical variation is nothing but a simple twist on the margarita’s traditional origins — we are talking six ingredients — watermelon, mint, tequila, triple sec, salt and lime. What you’ll need (per glass): … Continue reading The Phix: Watermelon & Mint Margarita

The Phix: Amaretto Sour

Since the early 1500s, amaretto, an almond liqueur, has been brewed by families around Italy. The conflation of amaro (bitter) and amore (love) has led to associations with romance. The Amaretto Sour celebrates this bitter love — the marzipan sweet and citrus sour taste can be endulged by both occasional drinkers and cocktail enthusiasts around the world. Combining amaretto, bourbon, lemon, sugar and egg white… the creamy texture and almond, apricot and cherry notes make this … Continue reading The Phix: Amaretto Sour

The Phix: Jamaican Express

The sun kissed bays of the Caribbean meet the downtown Italian eatery in the smooth, elegant and sharp Jamaican Express. Exclusively designed and created by Team PHACTORY — this cocktail is one of a kind. Combining spiced rum, hazelnut liqueur, salted caramel, espresso and a touch of sugar… it’s truly mouthwatering. What you’ll need: Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum (45ml) Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur (45ml) Espresso Coffee (20ml) Salted Caramel (1 generous tsp) … Continue reading The Phix: Jamaican Express

The Phix: Green Tea Mojito

Prepare to be taken across the Orient, Eastern Europe and Caribbean. A contemporary spinoff of the Cuban classic, the Green Tea Mojito combines flavours from various areas of the world. Incorporating vodka, green tea, lime, mint and sugar, this cocktail is best brought to life on a lazy Sunday, or simply when in desire of an intoxicating detox. What you’ll need: Vodka (60ml) Green Tea (90ml) Raw Sugar (2tsp) Lime Wedges (4) Mint (a sprig … Continue reading The Phix: Green Tea Mojito

Five simple drinks to try next time you’re out

Are you sick of your usual? Avoid um-ing and ah-ing and definitely don’t succumb to the notorious ‘surprise me’. Instead, these five simple orders could contribute to a night you won’t forget (or if used effectively, forget). 1. Campari Cointreau Bitter, floral Campari and the orange-based Cointreau complement each other’s charm. Add a hint of soda and a slice of orange to create this lively European gem. Campari (1 shot) … Continue reading Five simple drinks to try next time you’re out